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New aspects of the use of ANTISEPTIC STIMULATOR D-3 FRACTION in industrial pig breeding

16 December 2021

Any branch of animal husbandry associated with intensive, industrial breeding technology has its own economic advantages but, at the same time, generates new problems, primarily related to animal health.

A big problem that regularly occurs at a well-organized pig-breeding enterprise is massive animal diseases that occur with poor processing of the umbilical cord stump, docked tails, post-castration wounds, cannibalism, etc.

This leads to a delay in growth and development, overspending of feed and additional costs for veterinary drugs, and, sometimes, to premature culling of animals. As a result, the profitability of the industry is reduced, and in breeding farms, the results of many years of painstaking work of the breeder are also ruined.

Improving the techniques and methods of industrial technology, it is necessary to take into account the physiological capabilities of pigs, the preservation and restoration of the health of livestock and, in particular, young animals, as the most vulnerable part of the herd. In the interests of obtaining maximum productivity from each animal, close to its genetic potential, it is necessary to have an effective therapeutic agent that promotes rapid recovery of health.

BIOSTIM company has developed and is actively introducing into the veterinary practice of pig farms of any type a new form of drug for the treatment of various lesions on the body of animals, ANTISEPTIC STIMULATOR D-3 FRACTION in aerosol cans.

A widely known medicinal product is a complex of organic and inorganic low molecular weight components, which, due to their specific combination, provide a high therapeutic effect of the drug.

ANTISEPTIC STIMULATOR D-3 FRACTION is produced by the manufacturer in aerosol cans containing 150 ml of the drug. The balloon provides reliable storage of the drug during the entire shelf life and, in case of accidental fall, is not damaged. When used, it is convenient to use, does not require additional transfusion of the contents into other working vessels, and a special nozzle on the sprayer contributes to almost 100% of the drug entering the wound, preventing its overspending and evenly covering the affected surface, forming an antiseptic film.

The drug does not corrode and does not burn the injured place, thereby, without causing additional suffering to the patient, does not have an allergic effect. In addition, its beneficial effect on the skin and other integumentary tissues of animals and humans is known.

ANTISEPTIC STIMULATOR D-3 FRACTION was studied by us in the conditions of large pig complexes, in the treatment of piglets not only wounds, but also in the treatment of umbilical cord stump, cupping of tails, setting individual ear numbers by the method of plucking. It is successfully used in the treatment of post-surgical wounds, the healing of which proceeds 1.5-2 times faster, in comparison with the treatment with a mixture of antiseptic powders and other traditional remedies. ANTISEPTIC STIMULATOR D-3 FRACTION, is effective in its therapeutic effect both in early castration of boars at 2-4 days of age, and in older 14-15 days, as well as adult culled boars. The drug reduces stress after castration, promotes rapid and active blood clotting on a surgical wound.

In case of cannibalism, injured animals treated with antiseptic stimulant D-3 FRACTION, in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, can not be isolated, but kept in the same machine because the specific smell of the drug drowns out the smell of blood and the cannibal loses, consequently, interest in the wound lesions of neighbors and stop biting them. Already on the second day after treatment, active tissue regeneration was observed. The injured animal calmed down, his appetite and normal behavior returned to him. Complete wound healing occurred on day 7-10, depending on the area of the affected area. In heterosexual and same-sex groups of purebred and hybrid piglets on rearing treated with the drug, when forming groups of 25 to 100 heads, there were practically no fights when establishing hierarchical relationships and there were completely no signs of cannibalism. In the future, during the formation of groups of fattening and rearing of repair young animals (pigs and boars), this trend continued. At the same time, in the untreated groups, fights lasted from 5 to 10 days, even with the deposition of the most affected animals. The order of approach to the stern was established faster. Accordingly, the efficiency of fattening piglets and rearing repair young animals improved (precocity, average daily gain in live weight, feed costs, equalization of the raised livestock).

As our observations have shown, the drug can also be used as a good means of combating the eating of offspring by aggressive sows during farrowing and in the first days after it. Treatment with antiseptic stimulator D-3 FRACTION of prefabricated nests does not allow sows to distinguish between their own and other piglets and, thereby, keeps the whole nest intact and healthy.

The drug has proven particularly well in the treatment of difficult-to-heal, including purulent wounds on the limbs and abscesses on the body in various age and sex groups of pigs.

Thus, the use of the drug ANTISEPTIC STIMULATOR D-3 FRACTION in aerosol cans in industrial pig breeding, both commercial and breeding directions, can significantly reduce the recovery time of the animal, its return to normal physiological state, ensuring the fullest realization of the genetic possibilities of its productivity.

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