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Препараты для крупного рогатого скота
Мы создаем эффективные рабочие инструменты для улучшения здоровья поголовья крупного рогатого скота
Препараты для птицеводства
Продукция "БИОВИТЕКС" предупреждает вспышки и эпидемии на фермах, предотвращает развитие болезней животных.
Own production
The plant is equipped with the latest modern equipment
Laboratory control
We carry out incoming and outgoing quality and safety control
A wide range of
We create effective working tools to improve animal health

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About the company

The company "BIOSTIM" (trademark "BIOVITEX") was founded in 2011. The main activity of the enterprise is the production of veterinary medicines.

We create effective working tools to improve the health of livestock and pets. BIOVITEX products prevent outbreaks and epidemics on farms, prevent the development of animal diseases. Which allows you to significantly increase the profit of livestock farms. We work with government and commercial organizations, large tenders and individual entrepreneurs. We guarantee high quality of service and safety of our products.

A unique drug deserves special attention ANTISEPTIC STIMULANT D-3 fraction of a wide spectrum of action.


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