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How to make work comfortable? (Infusion solutions)

21 December 2021

M.Kanyugina, General Director of LLC "ALLVET".

S. Kupriyanov, Head of the Veterinary Department in the Livestock Department of EkoNiva-APK Holding LLC.

Infusion solutions used in veterinary practice, until now, have been presented only in outdated glass packaging – as a rule, these are vials from 100 to 400 ml, which are quite difficult, and not safe to use. Unsafe and difficult to use is usually associated with the need to transfuse solutions into a syringe Jean or the use of an additional "air" needle, which negatively affects the aseptic properties of the solution and can contribute to the ingress of pathogenic microflora into a sterile solution. In addition, the intravenous infusion procedure itself requires the involvement of additional qualified personnel.

Is it worth talking about how many empty bottles, in the form of garbage, remain on the farm during the period of mass use of solutions?

The fact that presented certain difficulties during infusion therapy was solved by the veterinary production company LLC BIOSTIM, which produces products under the trademark "BIOVITEX".

So, at the beginning of the year, BIOSTIM LLC registered and was the first among veterinary manufacturers to start producing infusion solutions in innovative polymer containers, which are soft sealed containers made of a special polyolefin film. The peculiarity of this material is multilayering; the inner layer in contact with the drug has a special composition that is inert to medicinal solutions, which preserves the stability of the quality of the internal contents at all stages of transportation and storage, unlike glass packaging. In addition, this film is eco-friendly, as it does not contain PVC.

The convenience of using such a container by a veterinary specialist is due to many reasons. Firstly, the softness of the packaging material during the infusion contributes to the spontaneous outflow of the solution under the weight of its own weight, which does not happen with a glass bottle – an "air" needle is required to "exit" the solution from the bottle, which ensures the flow of air into the bottle, and with it – and microorganisms. As a result, the solution ceases to be sterile.

Secondly, the design of the container takes into account many features during the infusion: the container has a built-in loop that allows you to attach the container to clothing or equipment and not hold it in your hands. Additionally, the manufacturer optionally completes the container with a special hook for attachment, two reusable needles and a silicone hose. The duration of operation of this kit significantly exceeds the traditionally used medical systems for solutions – all this makes the infusion process more comfortable and faster.

Thirdly, BIOSTIM LLC produces a separate line of polymer containers with the possibility of introducing an additional volume of solutions, which, unlike a glass bottle, allows using a polymer container not only as a container for solution, but also as a container for sterile mixing.

The fact remains beyond doubt that the lightness and compactness of the packaging allows companies engaged in the wholesale of large volumes of infusion solutions and located at a distance from the manufacturer and buyers to significantly save on transportation costs, not to pay for the transportation of fragile and heavy glass containers, but to pay only for the useful weight of the drug.

Introducing infusion solutions for veterinary medicine in polymer containers to the Russian market, BIOSTIM was the first Russian manufacturer to offer domestic veterinary medicine (the Russian veterinary market) a new but very convenient solution that greatly facilitates the process of intravenous administration.

"In May 2015, we tested the use of infusion solutions in polymer containers. Doctors at the complexes were satisfied with the new packaging of solutions. The advantage of this packaging over glass containers is obvious: these are the necessary volumes, ease of use, and ease of use" - this is how the head of the veterinary department in the Livestock Department of EkoNiva-APK Holding LLC, one of the largest agro-industrial complexes for the production of milk, speaks about the use of polymer containers with infusion solutions.

The advantages of BIOVITEX infusion solutions for veterinary medicine in polymer containers are obvious and indisputable:

1. Safe packaging - safety of use and quality stability for a long time is ensured through the use of an inert multilayer polyolefin film specially designed for contact with sterile infusion solutions and drug solutions, and the transition of the components of the inner layer of the film into an infusion solution is also excluded. The transparency of the film ensures quality control of the content

2. Sterile solution - the sterility of the solution at all stages of application, up to the ingestion of the animal, is ensured by the absolute tightness of the vacuum packaging and the absence of the need to use an "air needle" or transfusion of the solution into a Jean syringe.

3. Ease of operation - ease of operation and transportation is provided due to the lightness, compactness and ergonomics of the container, because it is immediately possible to transfer up to 3 liters of solution in one hand, which allows the use of infusion solutions in polymer containers both in conditions of small-scale dairy farms and in modern intensified complexes.

4. Ergonomics of the configuration - the possibility of infusion by one person due to the presence of a built-in loop for fixing the container, the softness of the packaging, internal vacuum, as well as additional equipment with an infusion system.

5. Equipment with an additional ready–made solution - the container is equipped with a special auxiliary infusion system, including a hook, a strong and durable silicone hose that can withstand sterilization by boiling and stainless reusable needles.

6. Strength of the material - does not break when falling due to the use of non-brittle and non-breaking material, which eliminates the possibility of injury to personnel and animals.

7. The polymer container has the properties of a sterile system for mixing compatible solutions due to the availability of a reserve volume, which allows additional medicines to be introduced through the port up to 50% of the container volume.

8. Environmental friendliness is explained by the absence of PVC in the material used for the container.

9. Ease of disposal of used containers, because they can be burned as ordinary household waste, which eliminates the storage of empty glass containers with significant use of solutions for infusions by the enterprise.

The low weight and volume of the package allows rational and economical use of warehouse space, as well as the most efficient use of vehicles.

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