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Antiseptic stimulant D-3 is a drug of biological origin, not chemical. It is made from biomass of animal origin (meat-bone meal and offal), by thermal sublimation, without the addition of foreign reagents and chemicals.

It is used to treat wounds, dermatitis, eczema, trophic ulcers, fistulas and other skin lesions in animals.

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The ANTISEPTIC-STIMULATOR D3-fraction is a product of dry distillation of animal tissues and contains in its composition methenes, pyridine bases, carboxylic acids, aliphatic and cyclic hydrocarbons, alkylbenzenes - not less than 87%, phenols - not more than 5%, as well as mercaptan compounds and water - up to 100%.

The drug stimulates the activity of the reticular-endothelial system, normalizes trophic processes and accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues, has a pronounced antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. It also has repellent properties, effectively repels insects and has a smell that stops birds from pecking and pigs from cannibalism.


It is prescribed for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes to animals for the treatment of infected sluggish healing wounds, dermatitis, chronic inflammatory lesions of the skin and hooves, trophic ulcers, fistulas, necrobacteriosis, gynecological diseases of various etiologies, as well as for cannibalism of pigs and pecking birds.

ANTISEPTIC STIMULATOR D-3 fraction is applied externally in the form of an aerosol, spraying at a distance of 15-20 cm directly on the damaged surface of the skin or limbs, once a day until the animal or bird recovers.

In case of skin and hoof diseases-once a day until recovery. With necrobacteriosis of animals and hoof rot of sheep - once a day after sanitary treatment of the affected areas of the limbs.

In case of pig cannibalism and bird pecking-once a day directly on the damaged skin surface.

To repel insects, the drug is applied to the most vulnerable areas of the animal's body or to damaged skin.

Surfaces are treated to repel rodents.

When using the drug, side effects and complications are not observed.

Contraindications have not been established.

Shelf life and storage conditions

Storage in the manufacturer's closed packaging, in a dry place protected from direct sunlight at a temperature from 5 °C to 25

Shelf life under the conditions of storage in closed packaging: 4 years from the date of production.


Unused medicinal product is disposed of in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

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